Oil: own brand enterprises in to a common selection for car – car lubricant, Great Wall Lubricating Oil – Automotive

Oil: own brand enterprises in to a common choice for car – car lubricant, Great Wall Lubricating Oil – Automotive supplies industry – Computers and Internet Articles

By auto stimulus policies, in ’09 China Car Market ushered that year blowout-style development, production and purchases hit accurate documentation high, crowned since the world No. 1. However, entering 2010, the vehicle information mill rapidly cooling market has grown to be complicated and confusing, or perhaps some manufacturers it as “turning point.”

Inflection point: 300 000 000 000 of the imagination along with the temptation 4 the end of the Eleventh International Auto Show kept in Beijing, the 2nd exhibition’s theme is “Imagine a Green Future” as a prospect to take low-carbon future adjustments to automobile industry. In fact, your vehicle industry change constantly in promoting the technological progress and also the booming automobile market. However, the commercial ecological chain, the automotive industry, there were no real change has yet to cross, “car based” era.

All determined to leave the vehicle market will gradually based era, the auto giant will pay attention will shift to the automobile market, auto industry profits also transfer to the aftermarket.

China is becoming the world’s largest car market, includes a large automobile market. It is predicted this year how big is China’s automobile market will reach 190 billion yuan in 5yrs this figure will break through 300 billion.

This is a large gold mine is loaded with reverie. War-ridden Lubricating oil Market Oil is the power in the partners, also determines the oil in the car following the monatary amount can’t be ignored, needless to say, naturally automobile market has become the focus of major oil brand competition.

Mention oil companies, all acquainted with the Great Wall, Mobil, Shell, Kunlun and also other domestic and international brands that share most of the share of the market in China, won the auto manufacturers and automotive consumer recognition.

But ten years ago, oil is dominated by foreign brands, expensive. Great Wall, the rise with the Kunlun and also other domestic brands, to be able to equalize the domestic prices of oil plays a huge role inside formation from the international brands and local brands competing contend with market structure, as well as domestic brands included inside the competition won top of the hand, allow users to own more many choices. In 2002, Sinopec integrate its lubricant business, the establishment of a specialized oil companies, with all the brand image from the set, the Great Wall Lubricating Oil is now the market leader in high-grade lubricating oil.

This is not a market for technology’s victory, but China’s oil companies after decades of unremitting exploration and innovation results. Oil company Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants services to China’s space a lot more than fifty years, the oil has achieved many technological breakthroughs inside field, may be fueling the creation of China’s aerospace industry. They aerospace technology for civilian use, manufacture of oil products is recognized as “space quality” inside world.

Fact, in technical and quality come together with Shell as well as other foreign brands, does not necessarily translate into market advantage. Automotive lubricants information mill relatively unique industry, in addition to oil companies, automobile manufacturers when the role is essential, all well-known automobile manufacturers have their own dedicated oil, To achieve market penetration, is inseparable from car manufacturers recognition.

The Great Wall: a standard choice for mainstream enterprise car Present, China’s automotive service industry inside era leading automobile manufacturers, 4S stores of selection for most owners. As the vehicle market, the enormous competitive pressures, manufacturers will in the end consolidate and strengthen this important automotive service source of profits. Therefore, lubricant brand, the Enterprise started with mainstream car Cooperation Is the integration in to the automotive industry chain, the creation of automobile market of the inevitable choice.

Far, Great Wall Lubricant full range of motor oil products have passed the General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Honda along with other top 5 car manufacturers certification, the information shows, the Great Wall of China has 90 oil % enterprises mainstream cars partnerships, making up a lot more than 65% from the mainstream car enterprises in freight and oil services shares.

This is a great breakthrough in domestic oil

Early in the presence of foreign car brands in China, when, as well as automakers to China is oil, automotive parts and components supporting the company, which resulted inside the so-called car brand lubricants ecosystem. The ecosystem of the domestic oil companies to get rid of from your strength and user acceptance. In fact, to spot pros and cons of lubricating oil, the secret is to check out how much oil and lubricants. Lubricating oil has a very strict standards, are adopted by domestic and international brands with an international certification system, exactly the same degree of products, basically no performance gap between domestic and foreign brands. Compared to international brands, domestic brands possess a natural advantage however they closer to the user, understanding users, many unique, more suitable for Chinese traffic technology.


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