Properly Lubricating Your Bike Chain

Properly Lubricating Your Bike Chain

Dry film lubricants or dry lubes are thin film coatings with extremely low coefficient of friction. Dry lubes in many cases are used in situations in which liquid lubricants would damage or impair the function of equipment. They are primarily sold in powder or chalk form and they are usually employed in automobiles and industrial equipment. Dry lubes offer excellent lubrication in extreme temperatures because normal lubricants would freeze, melt or break apart.

Dry lubes can also be utilized in bicycles. If your bike is showing warning signs of rust, you are able to apply dry lubes. Rusty bike chains can literally slow you down and may also cause annoying noises when you’re biking. If chains are lubricated properly, they are able to shift better and can supply much more time. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how you’ll be able to lubricate your bicycle chain.

Step One

Before lubricating your bicycle, you should first figure out what form of dry lube will be appropriate to make use of. There is a lubricant which is made especially for bicycle chains. Avoid using all-purpose oils because it leaves a waxy residue around the chain which may easily attract dirt. Visit your local bike shops to learn a variety of chain oil.

Step Two

Clean the bike chain first. Applying dry film lube to some dirty chain just attracts more grit. Put your bike on a repair stand or possibly a bike rack which means you won’t have difficulties cleaning. Make sure you clean between the clogs and also the jockey wheels. Jockey wheels will be the two tiny wheels with the derailleur.

Step Three

After cleansing the chain, apply some dry film lubricant on each roller from the chain. Make sure to apply lube where the chain that touches the gears. Avoid putting lube for the bike’s gears because it’s unnecessary and excess lube can cause the crooks to wear out quickly.

Step Four

Slowly spin the pedal backwards and then apply dry film lube to the chain. Once the chain is entirely coated in lube, immediately stop. Grab the chain lightly using a rag and spin the pedal backwards to remove excess lube. Lastly, wipe any splattered oil over bike using a rag.


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